Me and my boo, on official engagement business in China- without my knowledge. A story for another time.

I must admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for weddings. Perhaps it was due to unfulfilled childhood fantasies of being a flower girl, but they have always been something of a magical mystery, something that happens to other people- rich, hot people with family estates in Connecticut and unlimited funds earmarked for violinists and waiters wearing coattails. But growing up, I always kept little snippets of those fantasies intact when imagining my future nuptials. I didn’t have a full-on crazy bride binder or anything, but only because the internet and desktop folders made that unnecessary. I imagined the gowns, flowers, elegant food, and of course, a handsome groom with an English accent and a deep love of the Clash.

But of course, the years slipped by in a Lion King Hakuna Matata-style time lapse, and I found myself leveling up from a childhood in Wisconsin to art school in Brooklyn. A couple years in, I met a guy who did NOT have an English accent or a particular affinity for ’70’s punk, but was cute, brilliant, and talented, so I went for it. 5 more years passed (in the blink of an eye, I might add), and what began as a flirtation in a studio class turned into something much more.

On March 1, 2014, we joined the ranks of the officially engaged. And suddenly we were planning a wedding, and I wasn’t nearly as rich and successful as I imagined I’d be at this point. By New York standards, I was still practically a child bride. But we made it work, and since we both design things for a living, we (and I mean mostly I) did nearly all of it ourselves- from paper goods to dresses to ties; even a bit of catering.


On June 27. 2015, we got married- and although our wedding journey is over, our DIYs, our adventures, and our lives are just beginning. Stick around, won’t you?


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