Do Me A Favor


Favors are one of the weirdest and hardest things about weddings these days. Half the people you poll say they’re stupid and you’re a tacky b**** if you do them, half say they’re a necessity and you’re a tacky b****…

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I Am Old

you are old

Today is my birthday. I’ve spent the past several days cutting, finishing, boxing and shipping out lots and lots of these cake toppers, so I’ve been staring at the words, “You Are Old” way too much lately. It’s encouraging, in a…

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A Bit of Self-Promotion

Kitchenlab Petri Shoot-10

This is non-wedding related, which perhaps is a welcome respite. But I’m really excited about Collected Edition’s new Cultured Dish set. This petri-inspired porcelain dish is slip-cast, then finished with four different delicate gold dot designs. We’ve been using them for…

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