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Veiled Threat

It's hard out there for a bride. Mae Clarke in 1931's Frankenstein.

 It’s hard out there for a bride. Mae Clarke in 1931’s Frankenstein.

A wise person once told me, “Planning a wedding yourself is like having a second full-time job, except it’s a job you’ve never done before, and you only have one chance to do it.” No pressure.

Once you get engaged, everyone’s got an opinion. Either you’re not doing enough, or you’re doing way too much. You’re too traditional, or you’re too iconoclastic. You’re crazy for paying that much for XYZ service, or you’ll regret trying to DIY it. People are all like, “Enjoy every minute, you’ll never have this moment in your life again. But make sure the wedding is perfect. But the wedding’s not that important, it’s just one day. But it needs to be flawless. But don’t stress. But it’s your day, so make sure you get what you want. But don’t be a Bridezilla. But I’m sure whatever you plan will be beautiful! No one will remember the plates. But weddings with paper plates are SO tacky. But anyway, have fun!”

Everyone’s got something to say, and meanwhile, all you’re trying to do is get married.

This blog is for all the things everyone tells you not to do, because, let’s be real, at this point, there’s nothing else left. Let’s learn together, shall we?