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Crafter Hours


This is how I will be spending my evenings and weekends from now until June- when I’m not making my dress and bridesmaid dresses, of course.

I’m finding the process to be a real joy- which is easy to say when I’m probably about .05% done and 6 months out. But in comparison to, say, sewing, flowers come together quickly- a couple minutes of work and flat sheets of tissue paper become delicate blooms. It’s a low investment, high reward type of thing.



I’ve been focusing on blooms, but I think these are going to look amazing with more leaves and greenery. Baby steps.



I’ve already committed my sister to several days of indentured servitude in March, but Nick says I should start a Meet Up where I show people how to make flowers, but then I get to keep their results. I’ll put it in the charity category.