A Bit of Self-Promotion

Kitchenlab Petri Shoot-10

This is non-wedding related, which perhaps is a welcome respite.

Kitchenlab Petri Shoot-11

But I’m really excited about Collected Edition’s new Cultured Dish set. This petri-inspired porcelain dish is slip-cast, then finished with four different delicate gold dot designs. We’ve been using them for everything around the house: salt and pepper, garnishes, jewelry, and of course, as bead bowls. They’re the first in what will soon be a range of lab-glass inspired kitchenware- so stay tuned.

Kitchenlab Petri Shoot-8

Kitchenlab Petri Shoot-7

They’re available for sale on our website now!

Kitchenlab Petri Shoot-12