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One Year In


One year ago, a jetlagged Nick and I were getting ready to get some early dinner near the Brooklyn Bridge. I knew something was up, because he wanted to go to Grimaldi’s, and we’re pizza snobs. But it is a spot with some sentimental value to us, and I’m no dummy.

At this point, I know everyone’s probably tired of hearing about it- but today, 365 days later, I’m about to subject you to a couple more pictures from the book. Because it’s my blog, dammit, and I want to.

IMG_2037-45These kids really wanted to take a picture with us and were excited to hear we were from New York. “New York is a beautiful city,” one of the boys said.

IMG_1978-39This red scarf, inscribed with our wishes for the future, now lives at the very top of a tree at the very top of a mountain.

IMG_2088-48Look at this idiot, probably checking for a passport and wallet for the millionth time, oblivious to everything around her.