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First Lovette Post is LIVE!


I’m so excited to share my first post on Love My Dress! It’s surreal and awesome to see our names at the top of that page. This is an intro post, so a lot of these details may feel a little familiar to more regular readers (hi, Mom!). But take some time and poke around this amazing site- lots of incredible weddings (and dresses) to ogle. Don’t forget to check back for ALL the Lovette posts from the other brides- it’s a great group of women with a diverse set of backgrounds and celebrations, so there’s a lot of stories to tell!

I’ve been a bit absent from posting this week as my sister Jana has been in town and she’s been keeping me accountable on wedding stuff IRL- as opposed to just writing about it in a theoretical sense while I click my heels three times and hope that the elves do it for me.

Oh, and 101 days to go. Yikes.