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And On The 3rd year, The Blog Rose Again


A little Easter throwback post for y’all.

At the very end of 2012, I quit my design job at a NYC luxury womenswear company. I was pretty deeply unhappy and desperate for a change, so I jumped into the abyss. I’ve hit some branches on my way down, but the journey is far from over and it gets a little easier every day.

One of the things I did right after quitting was start a blog. I abandoned it fully about a year ago, right around the time Nick and I got engaged (coincidence? I think not), and looking at it now, it’s obvious Nick and I had a bit more free time on our hands. Weddings have a way of taking up your nights and weekends, and then you don’t have the ability to recreate paintings in edible media.

You also don’t have QUITE as much time to make elaborate Easter eggs. In fact, we are spending our Easter working on a game plan for our ceremony backdrop and the idea of taking on a non-wedding related craft almost makes me want to throw up with anxiety. So next year.

But until then, take a ride in my blog time machine, to the year 2013, when anything was possible and I had days and days to make my own laser-cut stickers for resist-dying.