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One Month: What the Actual Fuck


Not quite, but soon. Very soon.

You have, perhaps, noticed that I usually don’t leave myself unbleeped, particularly in titles. But today, only the actual, full, F-word would suffice.

One month! One. Month. How did that happen?

Seriously- didn’t we just get engaged, like, a few days ago? Wasn’t I JUST making all sorts of ambitious promises about “A Sketch a Day” and blah blah blah?

The list of things about which to lose my mind is slowly shrinking- there are certainly still a lot of things to still be addressed, but I’ve also found myself starting to freak a little less. Sort of- for in diametrically opposite fashion, I also keep coming up with new ideas and little dumb DIYs to do. Homemade confetti? Check. Little favors? Check.

If I start to think really hard about what’s left to do, I probably will start to get a bit freaked out. So that’s all for now.

But all the exciting stuff is about to happen. We’re creaking to the top of the roller coaster- in about two weeks, we’ll reach the precipice, and then, WHOOSH- we’re off. Sisters will be here. Family will be here. Friends will be here. Marriage licenses will be obtained. Decorations will be assembled. Rehearsal dinners will be eaten.

Weddings will be had.