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Well, we did it.

There were many times in the preceding 48 hours during which the fate of the event seemed… uncertain.

When the tables and chairs were delivered after the freight elevator closed. When the climate of the room during set-up called to mind “jungle” rather than Hudson Valley. When simple syrups were still being made the night before the wedding. When a bridesmaid (ahem, Kirsten) ripped a huge hole in her dress minutes before walking out the door. When we left the house a full HOUR after we intended. When it was raining all day long. When everyone was exhausted, spent, and likely annoyed with me and Nick for planning this hard-to-pull-off event.

But- it happened.


And it was magical.

I don’t think that’s JUST a case of bridal blindness- you know, thinking your own kid is cute no matter what. I really do think it was an as-close-to-perfect night as possible. All the dumb things I’ve worried about for months sort of slipped away. My only regret is that it went by too fast- unfortunately, I haven’t yet figured out a DIY solution to stopping time.

There is much to share- photos, and how-to’s, and honest opinions on what’s worth it and what’s not. And all that will come later. But for now, I’m basking in the glory of a wild trip with my husband (will that ever sound normal?) and enjoying life after wedding planning.