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Before I write anything else, I’d like to take a page out of Dido’s book and say:

Thank you.

Before our wedding, I thought a lot about the people I wanted to thank in a brief, tasteful, and touching speech at the reception. I never wrote anything down, but I would run through the list in my head during runs or while grocery shopping.
And then the wedding was happening. Nick’s best man gave a speech, my sister gave a speech, Nick’s sister made fun of him for a bit, and then we stood up to say something. I got flustered, said a couple dumb words about something, promptly started crying, handed the microphone to Nick, and then the party continued. And I hadn’t thanked anyone, save for a general, “thanks for coming” sort of thing.

I meant to say something like this (although no matter what I write, it still feels horribly inadequate in every way):

The biggest thank you of all to our parents. The itemized list of things for which to be thankful is long, and I’m sure I’d forget at least a few key points. But, a very brief list of the more obvious ones:
To my parents for driving from Wisconsin with the equivalent of a dorm-room worth of plates, cheese, beer, and ivy. To my dad for driving back and forth from Manhattan and Brooklyn to Garrison more times than I can count. To my mom for putting the finishing touches on my dress, for remembering the stuff I forgot, and for making the bathroom at Garnerville cleaner than it’s probably been since the 1870s.

Also, for raising me.

To Nick’s mom, for lending her vintage savvy to both the table décor and the wildly successful photo booth, and, along with her sister and niece, for her floral prowess. The flowers truly took my breath away.
To Nick’s dad, for also making many a trip to the city, as well as for providing the framework for the beautiful ceremony. I can’t imagine a better 15 minutes.

Also, for raising the weirdo who would become my husband.

A thank you to my bridesmaids- for listening to me complain, for mastering the art of paper flowers, and most of all, for being sisters who are also friends, and for being friends who are also sisters.

To my oldest friend, Milei Ikeno, who came to New York and baked SIX gorgeous, insanely delicious cakes. They far exceeded any possible expectation I could have ever had.

To Emmet and Lyle, both of whom battled jet lag and red-eye flights to come be wedding construction crew. I’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting to have to do that, but neither of them ever batted an eye.

To Noble Kids, for schlepping guitars and violins and voices and talent out to Garnerville, for learning East Harlem, and for making my walk down the aisle a truly magical moment.

To Justin Sengly, for always being ready with the camera to capture the absurdity and the magic of the run-up to the wedding.

To our friends and family from out of town- thank you for braving flights, long car rides, hotel rooms, and the MetroNorth to be with us. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with the generosity of our loved ones in choosing to be with us on our wedding day.

To every friend who has listened to the wedding saga over the past year and a half, during runs or over brunch or at a party. You’ve saved me a lot of money on therapy bills.

Of course, a thank you to every guest for climbing the fire escape in the rain, in heels and formal clothes, to make it inside. That wasn’t the plan, but thanks for rolling with the punches.

We absolutely could have never done this alone. This wedding reminds us that we are not an island- as we go into this new phase of our lives, we’re doing it surrounded by people we can count on to show up, make things happen, and love us- even when we’re asking far too much.

We’re lucky, lucky people.