Back in Time


Good photography is the closest thing to time travel we have.

We just got a peek yesterday at the first batch of our photos via the blog of our amazing photographer, the absurdly talented Spencer Lum of 5 West Studios. Consequently, I have gotten virtually nothing done since then, as I’ve been busy scrolling through them over and over. And over and over and over. And keeping a watchful eye on my inbox for the link to the remaining images, like a puppy waiting at the door.

There are so many options for wedding photographers these days, so many people who do great, beautiful work. When you start out searching, it’s overwhelming. After looking at dozens of websites, it all can start to look the same. It can feel like an impossible task.

The thing that drew us to Spencer and 5 West was how real the work felt. How genuine. It stood out from the crowd, too. There was nothing cookie cutter about it, nothing airbrushed or artificial or staged-feeling. Just real, live people. Even flipping through the weddings of strangers elicited tears from me during our meeting. And that’s when it became obvious- no other choice was possible.


These photos look the way the day felt. The quality of the light. The weather. The energy. It’s the truth of the day, from the frosting bowls littering the kitchen table in the morning to the tangled arms of embracing sisters. It’s real, and it’s beautiful, and I’m so grateful.


All photos via 5 West Studios.