Someone Else’s Wedding: Washington Coast Edition

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Pinterest is kind of the worst thing that has ever happened, isn’t it? I say this as someone who has two separate Pinterest accounts. I feel like it used to be, like, only Martha Stewart that was out to make you feel bad about yourself. Now, thanks to the miracle of the internet, ANYONE can make you feel inferior.

So here’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the past 4 months of planning and pinning and pining- for every decision you make, there will be 100 equally beautiful and wonderful options, and many even BETTER options, and you have to be ok with that. It’s a zen exercise- the hardest thing is to commit to one direction. You’d think the fact that I am committing MYSELF to a single person for the rest of my life would make picking a dress style or plates seem less daunting, but I’m psychotic, so no, no, it doesn’t.

So I present to you: Someone Else’s Wedding, where I write about a thing that’s not possible for me, but that I love so much that I just have to share. First up: a spectacular beach venue for Someone Else: Ruby Beach, on the coast of Washington State.

Washington is already a pretty breathtaking place (as people from Washington love to remind everyone), but Ruby Beach at 10am on a foggy Thursday morning in June was in a whole other category. Since I’m a curmudgeon and actually 90 years old, I am not a huge beach fan- sand and sun are two of my least favorite things. But I loved Ruby Beach. For starters, it was 60 degrees and misty- perfect beach weather for a ghost. Second, there was no sand to be found- just tons of driftwood and these beautiful gray and white rocks. Maybe not ideal for digging in your toes (yuck anyway), but perfect for collecting and admiring.

As we walked along the edge of the Pacific, with waves crashing against the rocks and tiny, craggy islands silhouetted against the white sky, I considered dropping everything we’ve started planning here and moving the whole thing to Ruby Beach. But I’m not THAT crazy.

Ruby Beach is a part of Olympic National Park- to a hold a wedding there, one must obtain a special use permit. To do this, you can call (360) 565-3090 or send them something called a “letter,” preferably written by candlelight, c/o Olympic National Park, 600 East Park Avenue, Port Angeles, WA 98362.