A Sketch a Day

348: Valentino


The number of seasons in fashion seems to be constantly multiplying- not only do you have the well trodden Fall and Spring collections, but you also have Resort (or Holiday, depending on how rich you are) and Pre-Fall, and of course, the menswear seasons, and bridal seasons, and the indie fashion weeks. There’s always a show and a new collection, and it can be quite hard to keep up.

I only truly look forward to the collections twice a year, and that’s for Paris Couture week. Because I’m lazy, I like the limited number of designers that show (although even that number has exploded in recent years). And it’s practically a rule that the clothes have to be interesting. The fantasy and otherworldliness of fashion is what drew me in initially, and couture is the master of that domain.

This week, I’m sketching a handful of looks from the collections. I started with Look 55 from the Valentino show, a blue draped tulle dress. You can always count on Valentino for something romantic and vaguely Renaissance-like. Since this is a bridal blog, I made the dress white. (Also, I had white tulle.)