A Sketch a Day

336: Charles James, Part II


So guys. “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” is amazing. If you are in New York before August 10th and have any interest in fashion, construction, or architecture, PLEASE go see it.

The beauty of Charles James is really in the details and construction- and the exhibit features great videos and graphics that expose some of the engineering and patternwork behind the gowns. So now anyone can recreate them at home! JK, yeah right. A girl can dream.

AND there was ample room to sketch in the exhibit! I jotted down a couple of my favorite details and pieces- including this amazing green gown (color was added at home- DON’T bring wet media into the Met. Of course, you know that because you have class, unlike the guy we saw today full-on touching an ancient Egyptian statue). With a to-die-for color and a draped circular flounce swirling around the body, it cuts an amazing figure. It was the first thing I saw when we walked in the room- and the one that’s stuck with me, hours after the exhibition.