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And That’s Why You Always Leave A Note

Like most modern love stories, our early courtship involves a bit of Facebooking.

See, Nick and I met in a jewelry class- albeit in a section in which he wasn’t actually enrolled, and one that, the week before, I had nearly dropped. But fate intervened, and we both kept showing up. We spent a couple weeks skirting around the edge of flirting, catching each other’s eye during demos and bumping into each other over tools (“we both reached for the same ball-peen hammer and our hands touched” jk that didn’t happen). After several weeks of trying to figure out if he had a girlfriend, I went home and friended him on Facebook.

Not too much later, this message arrived in my inbox:

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.53.48 PM


There it was. Our first real talking point. Two days later, we went on our first date, where we quoted AD to each other and talked about how sandwiches were the perfect food. Our penchant for cancelled Fox tv shows was simply the jumping off point- we discovered an entire universe of things we both loved, despised, and yearned for. I was hooked, and the rest is history. Thank you, Ron Howard and Mark Zuckerberg.

For five and a half years, Nick and I have been referencing Arrested Development on a daily basis. It seemed only natural that it was somehow incorporated into our wedding. Although it would be all to easy to have an AD-themed wedding (frozen bananas, chicken fingers with club sauce, unlimited juice, and maybe a cake containing a narcoleptic stripper and OH! a seal ring-bearer), we decided to reign our instincts in and pay homage in the form of a video Save the Date.

We worked our a**es off on this video, and spend an absurd amount of time editing it. On the plus side, I now have a very particular set of skills (not unlike Liam Neeson). If anyone needs to edit a movie consisting only of still clips and push transitions, I’m your girl.