A Sketch a Day, A Wedding Sketch A Day

5 Months


Once upon a time (around March of last year), 2015 seemed so… far in the future. I imagined taking a flying car to our wedding; we’d serve our guests pizza-flavored pills at the reception and tell them not to worry about tipping the robot bartenders.

But now, we are nearly a month into 2015, and 5 months from the wedding. And I found a sketch I started months ago when I was still ambitious, and finished it, and it seemed perfect to mark this momentous occasion.

There is still a lot left to do, but’s let’s review January:

-Booked tables and chairs. Our guests will now not only have food to eat and plates upon which to eat it, but they will also have chairs upon which to sit.

-Good progress on paper flowers: the collection has grown about tenfold. Big shoutout to world’s best bridesmaids.

-Booked an amazing hair/makeup artist and held a trial. Man, it feels so GOOD to book something and just be excited about it- there’s nothing more I have to do for this than just be a human on the day of. Basta.

-Made some good progress on invitations and foiling. And one step closer to figuring out how to cover my entire life in gold.

-Got featured on HowHeAsked.com. A fun post-holiday dose of nostalgia, and a reminder that I’m getting married to the world’s stealthiest, romantic-ist guy.

-Discovered glitter acrylic. The only thing that really matters.