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Two Months- 61 Days- To Go

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I’m starting to think those Duggar girls have it right when it comes to engagements. Well, not the whole “waiting to kiss until marriage,” or pretty much any of the other convictions they hold, but I’m starting to get jealous of their insanely short engagements. From “Yes” to “I Do” in 90 days or fewer- the Duggar way.  I tend to wait until the last minute to really nail stuff down, anyway, so this 16-month engagement has started to feel really long. REAL long. Nick made a joke about rescheduling everything until 2016 and I almost cried.

But, for better or worse, we’re sticking to 2015 and we have two months left. A handful of things I’ve been putting off finally got some traction this month:

1. The biggest thing is that our invitations went out in April. We’ve started getting RSVPs, so it is starting to feel a bit more real.

2. I’ve finally put some effort into bridesmaid dresses; I’ve been dyeing fabric til my hands turn blue- literally- and muslins are on their way.

3. Honeymoon.

4. We bought a bunch of our decor supplies- sockets for lightbulbs, fabric for backdrops- all the unglamorous stuff that we need, but that’s not as fun to blog about.

5. I continued my journey into learning to 3D model and worked with Nick on my hair accessory. He was patient at least 50% of the time. The piece is currently being printed at Shapeways, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

6. My friend/bridesmaid/fellow designer, Julie, came by and marked my dress hem and appropriately oohed and aahed over my half-finished work (she’s the best).


So stuff is happening, even if it doesn’t feel like it. And tomorrow, we will be eligible for our marriage license in the state of New York.